Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Context Mapping

Based on what I got from the readings, a context map is thinking about (mapping out) different area in a person's life. The map shows who is in the persons life; how they are impacting their lives. The map shows what is expected in the person in that current time of their life, and how the individual is feeling.

My context map shows aspects of my life, and how the aspect makes me feel whether it is good or bad.

The four types of identities based on the chapter

Foreclosed Identity: one in which an individual has committed to a life direction or way of being without exploring it carefully and without experimenting with alternatives...either thrust upon a person...or simply accepted with little reflection.

Diffused Identity: a state in which there has been little exploration or active consideration of a particular identity and no psychological commitment to one...easily influenced by others and often change rapidly from one belief or representation to another to fit into changing contexts.

Identity Moratorium: a developmental state in which one actively explores roles and beliefs, behaviors, and relationships, but refrains from making a commitment...often accompanied by a great deal of anxiety due to the competing demands experienced in the exploration of the authentic ‘me’ and the immediacy with which a lack of identity cohesion is felt.

Achieved Identity: occurs when the identity crisis is resolved and the commitment to the selected identity is high...the individual has successfully integrated his ego-identity needs from the past, within the present, and into the future and can therefore display a certain level of self-acceptance and ego strength across changing contexts. 

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