Monday, December 14, 2015

What is YDEV?

Youth Development is many things...

At Rhode Island College it's a collaboration of Non Profit Studies, Education, and Social Work. We work together towards a familiar goal and learn how to advocate for ourselves and the youth we will and have been working with. It involves a 180 hour internship and many service learning opportunities to gain experience with working with youth. For advising we have a digital plan of study where we work with our advisers to plan each semester out carefully to make sure we are all where we need to be and on track. This program is a unique program where instead of acting as a major we are more like a family.

Youth development helps youth develop social skills, advocate for themselves and other youth and also teaches them life skills that they can not always learn in a classroom. It gives youth a voice when it is hard for them to speak up because of where they come from or their socio- economic status. It is a comforting person for a child to talk to. It is someone a child or adolescent can look up to. Youth workers act as a role model to help mold young minds.

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